Alessia Sialino

Lawyer Alessia Sialino was born in Udine in 1967 and obtained her law degree in Trieste by discussing her thesis with the distinguished Prof. Luigi Daniele in EU law and a dissertation on comparative law in Cambridge.

After spending a year in Geneva as a legal interpreter and attending the European College in Parma, Mr. Sialino began practising as part of a team of European professionals.

empty spiral notebook near keyboard and pen
empty spiral notebook near keyboard and pen

In 2003, he obtained a Master's degree in European law and worked with a law firm in Brussels.

In 2005, she travelled to New York where she took a course in American law and at the same time worked with a firm that deals with class actions.

In 2006, the National Bar Council appointed her as an expert in European law.

In 2007, Judge Tizzano of the European Court of Justice welcomed her to his chambers to act as a referee.

In 2009, she specialised in transport law and collaborated with a firm in Vienna where she lectured on issues related to the movement of means of transport.

In 2010, lawyer Sialino obtained the title of mediator and worked for institutional bodies.

In 2013, she obtained a master's degree in Chinese law.

She participates, also as an editor, in domestic and foreign seminars and courses.

Lecturer for Aschiery Academy on EU law.



Liceo linguistico Kennedy
Maturità linguistica
Università di Trieste
Laurea in giurisprudenza
Università di Udine
Master Euroculture
Università di Dublino – Shannonside Language School
Corso di inglese giuridico
Agosto 2004
Master breve in diritto cinese
Settembre-dicembre 2013
Università di Trieste-laurea magistrale 2016/2017

Laurea in Scienze politiche

Novembre 2016-Marzo 2018

Aschiery Accademy
Master breve in diritto sportivo
Dicembre 2022
Master breve responsabilità medica sanitaria
Maggio/ Giugno 2022
Master breve in crisi d’impresa
Febbraio 2022

Curriculum vitae of lawyer Alessia Sialino

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brown and red books on white surface

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